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Silva Bay shipyard entertains an old guest
Monday, February 24, 2014
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The Merry Chase will be at Silva Bay shipyard while shipwright Tony Jarvis continues working on her. ~ Photo by Tony Jarvis

Vintage ship aficionados have a treat in store for them if they’re spending any time at Silva Bay this week.
In a Friday email, shipwright cabinetmaker Tony Jarvis told the Flying Shingle: “The 60 foot seiner ‘Merry Chase’, built in 1926 (or so) will be tied up outside my shop next week.” Jarvis said he has a shop at the old Silva Bay shipyard, where he will “continue my two year involvement of the gut and total rebuild” of the Merry Chase.
The seiner is being rebuilt for pleasure use Jarvis said, and is “a striking looking vintage West Coast working vessel that has been lovingly restored by a long-time coastal captain and ship owner”.
Jarvis said the owner of the boat is Bob Jordan, who “does business as Westwind Tugboat Adventures, and has been restoring and chartering similar vessels for 30 plus years”.

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