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Looking for the whole truth on smart meters
by David Aliaga
Monday, June 9, 2014

Mr. Greg Reimer[nobr]
BC Hydro

Dear Mr. Reimer,

Re: Inappropriate designation of a capable smart digital meter as a legacy meter to charge BC hydro customers more...

I am writing to you as I have learned that the electrical meter I have installed at my home is an Itron Centron CS1 wireless capable meter (see link below), which you are calling a “legacy” meter.
I see that as an inappropriate designation made by BC Hydro so unaware customers pay the full fee of $32.40 for having a digital wireless-capable smart meter installed at their homes.
If I’m going to pay that amount I want to have the real thing or what is called an “analog mechanical meter” installed at my home. If you cannot fulfill that order for whatever reason, I believe I should be paying $20 a month and not $32.40.
This morning, I talked to ‘Billy’, a smart meter specialist at BC Hydro. He refused to provide me an analog meter and kept telling me that a digital Itron Centron CS1, which is wireless-capable by adding a module to it, is not the same (someone must read it every two months) as an Itron Centron that has the module installed on it but the radio is turned off.
As a customer I really do not want a Itron Centron smart meter with the radio off. I say this, because after a lengthy discussion on the phone, Billy the smart meter specialist told me that even with the radio off the Itron Centron “smart meter” can be manipulated offsite, which cannot be done with the Itron Centron CS1 without the smart meter plug-in.
That has confirmed my belief that BC Hydro is not telling us customers the whole truth about “smart meter’” capabilities, even with the radio off. For that reason alone I would like to have an independent electronic engineer tell us what those smart meters are capable off.
I am copying this letter to my MLA Doug Routley, as I want a full enquiry about the way BC Hydro has been treating us customers, and why it is not telling us the whole truth about smart meter capabilities even with their radios turned off, or the inappropriate designation of a digital-capable smart meter as a legacy meter, or the damage that wireless pollution can cause to human beings.
I also want to indicate that I have become a party to the class action suit against BC Hydro   BCSC Action No. S135590

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